BOND Mechanical has merged into our BOND Civil and Utility group.

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The merger signifies a step forward, combining the precision and efficiency of BOND Mechanical with the vast resources and capabilities of BOND Civil and Utility. This integration aims to streamline operations and provide enhanced service offerings to our esteemed clientele.

Questions? Please contact:

    Kane Cuddy: 617.212.4821
    Stacey Dillon: 845.544.5368

Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

BOND Mechanical employees have the combined experience to supervise the receiving, unloading, and setting of highly-specialized equipment. We pride ourselves in having the properly-trained labor force to facilitate the rigging, erection, and setting of all major types of equipment. Rigging plans are developed, reviewed, and re-reviewed prior to being implemented in the field, where we operate safely and precisely to ensure success.

Precision Installation, Quality Control & Warranty Protection

BOND Mechanical also provides the expertise and procession tools necessary to set and align pumps. We also set other types of equipment that require precision installation and quality control records to ensure warranty protection for our clients.

Extra Safety Reviews

Safety dominates all operations we perform and how we approach any rigging and equipment setting operation. We explore all the possible options for every installation and select the safest method available. In addition, we consult with rigging engineers to review our means and methods prior to every heavy lift.

When your next project requires special handling of valuable equipment, contact BOND Mechanical.